Become a KiwiSaver Adviser with The Mortgage Lab

Become A KiwiSaver Adviser

To become a Mortgage Adviser, you need to make a full-time (>50 hours per week) commitment.  What if you can’t make a full-time commitment?  Well, The Mortgage Lab has another option.

We believe that New Zealanders desperately need guidance on their KiwiSaver and we want to help with that.

If you have a passion for helping people, we will give you the training you need to become a successful KiwiSaver Adviser.  You can work as little as 4 hours per day.  This is a great role for Advisers with young children.

The first step is to watch the video on this page. It briefly explains what we are offering to KiwiSaver Advisers. Once you’ve watched the video, send us an email with your CV to: rupertg@mtgelab.co.nz. Once we’ve reviewed your CV, we’ll arrange a meeting to discuss all the details of becoming a successful KiwiSaver Adviser.