Become a Mortgage or KiwiSaver Adviser with The Mortgage Lab

Option 1

Become a Mortgage Adviser

Why The Mortgage Lab?

Our culture is focussed on adviser co-operation.  Our Advisers help each other with the tough deals and we pool our knowledge so you can get more deals across the line.  You’ve always got someone to talk to, no matter how tough the finance deal is.

Who are we looking for?

It doesn’t matter if you are already in the banking/finance industry or completely new.  Perhaps you are already a Real Estate Agent and looking to move because the market is quietening.   Or maybe you’re an insurance adviser and want a change.  If your priority is giving top-quality service to your clients, we want to talk to you.

When it comes down to it, we are looking for Advisers with an optimistic view on life and a drive to succeed.  We only take Advisers who make their clients feel completely at ease.  We want Advisers with a high amount of integrity that clients can trust from the very beginning.

What do we offer?

We work on a 70/30 commission split basis. We think this is the fairest way to pay our Advisers.  Income reflects how hard you work and we are encouraged to help you build you business quickly.

The 30% we receive pays for

  • a Financial Service Provider’s Registration
  • Dispute Resolution Scheme
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • 1 conference per year
  • your Continued Professional Development training
  • our fully-paperless system with daily backed up servers
  • connections to networking opportunities
  • and a lot more…

This means your time is spent doing what you do best – going out and connecting with people.  You won’t need to organise any websites, personalise a CRM or design your forms.  We’ve done it all for you.

Get the support you need

The hardest thing about business is getting the support you need.  Weekly mentoring meetings with Advisers means you can cover whatever you’re struggling with quickly.  We also run a messaging forum for all Advisers to discuss hurdles they are facing.  You’ve got the combined knowledge of the entire company.

We celebrate your success

After you’ve successfully helped your client, we organise a satisfaction survey and ask for referrals and testimonials.  If the client is generous enough to give a testimonial, we celebrate by releasing it (anonymously) on our social media platforms.

Social Media – taken care of

Time you spend on marketing is time you’re not looking after clients.  We look after all your Social Media accounts.  We release regular SEO-rated blogs, as well as crowd friendly articles and pictures for your network to interact with.

A brand you can trust

We work hard on our branding to reach more clients than smaller businesses can possibly achieve.  Thousands of views on our page mean more opportunity to connect and help clients.

When you join the Mortgage Lab, you won’t need to spend months coming up with an expensive brand.  We do everything for you.  From Business Cards to Notepads, right through to Testimonials and Vehicle Signage.  You’re ready to go, straight away.

Find the answers to every question you have

We have weekly webinars telling you everything required to become a Mortgage Adviser.  Or, if you’re too impatient to wait a whole week (you’re our kind of person!) you can watch the re-run instantly.

The Webinars are between 30-40 minutes and are free.  You won’t need any special software to watch the webinar.  It’s all done in the browser.  Register below or for more information, contact Rupert Gough.

Option 2:

Become A KiwiSaver Adviser

If you can’t make a full-time commitment, The Mortgage Lab has another option.  We believe that New Zealanders desperately need guidance on their KiwiSaver and we want to help with that.

If you have a passion for helping people, we will give you the training you need to become a successful KiwiSaver Adviser.  You can work as little as a couple of hours per day.  This is a great role for Advisers with young children.

For more information, contact Rupert Gough.