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Already own your own home? We could save you thousands of dollars on your mortgage.

It’s amazing how a small tweak can save you thousands, or even tens of thousands, of dollars over the term of your mortgage.

When you first purchased you may have been forced to go with a particular bank. Maybe your income has changed or you’ve had a baby. Or you’re dreaming of using some of the equity in your house to do some renovations.

Whatever your situation, now you’re a couple of years on, it’s time to reassess.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you happy with the bank you are with?
  • Do they offer all the mortgage products you need to pay down your mortgage quickly?
  • Have you reviewed your mortgage in the last 2 years?

That’s where we come in.

We will:

  • Assess your current structure and situation
  • Consider what the other banks provide
  • Provide specific advice on the best mortgage structure and bank for you
  • Manage any changes to your mortgage as a result of the review.

If you’re looking to refix your current mortgage we can help you negotiate the best deal with your bank. Click here for more information.

Talk to an adviser today.

Our mortgage brokers can help you…

  • Save money on interest rates
  • Find the best bank for you
  • Pay your mortgage down more quickly
  • Upgrade your home

and much more!

Not sure whether now’s the right time?

Even if you’ve got fixed mortgage rates, we can review your mortgage at no cost and see whether a complete change is right for you.  There’s no cost and no contracts.  If we help you into a better financial position, we’re paid by the banks.


This is called bridging finance. It can get a little expensive but is possible if you have enough equity in your current home. Generally, if the total of your current mortgage + the new purchase = less than 80% of both properties it is achievable. You would need to commit to selling your current property within 6 months.

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The first step to upgrading your home is to know what is financially possible. There is no cost when consulting a Mortgage Lab broker so we recommend talking to an adviser early to see what is possible for your financial situation.

Almost all Mortgage Lab services are available to you free of charge. Our brokers get paid a commission by the banks when a mortgage is finalised or refixed.  The only time you’ll pay a fee is if we have to involve a non-bank finance company. You’ll always be made aware of these fees long before they are locked in.

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What Past Clients Say…

Huriana has been fantastic, no hesitation in recommending her.

Huriana Tahere

Refinance - D Ackley, Christchurch

Lynne was great to work with as a broker.

She was clear about what could be achieved and was available to field questions.

In what have been challenging times she worked really hard for us and was most interested getting the right outcome rather than the quickest solution.

We will be working with Lynne in the …

Lynne Dent

New Home - J Reeves, Christchurch

What a fantastic service! Brett is a pleasure to work with, he is highly professional, communicative and was able to sort our mortgage out for us at very short notice. He really went the extra mile to make sure everything was in place for our settlement.

Brett Davies

New Home - J Catterall, Auckland

Robyn made the entire process of refinancing our mortgage easy, straightforward, and completely stress-free. Robyn is very professional to deal with, and really knows her stuff! I would happily recommend Robyn to anyone.

Robyn Turner

Top Up - M Johnson, Tauranga

Karen was really thorough in our initial meeting and kept us well informed along the way! Super friendly and did a great job.

Karen Hyland

New Home - J Chatfield, Auckland

Huriana was incredibly patient and was very professional… my personal situation took a long time to get the end result but we got there all with the wonderful help of Huriana – I am incredibly grateful xx

Huriana Tahere

New Home - J McWhannell, Christchurch

Ruan has been totally awesome, and have highly recommended him to others. Thanks Ruan for all your hard work and getting our approval across the line. You are truely amazing.

Ruan Chryssafis

New Home - B Bright, Tauranga

Thank you its so easy to deal with you.

Ruan Chryssafis

Top Up - M Farid, Auckland

Great experience, Lynne found the best mortgage option for me, was so considerate of my situation and kept me informed throughout the process.

Lynne Dent

New Home Purchase - J Rait, Rolleston

A huge thank you to Johnny. My husband and I have been dreaming of owning our own home for years! Johnny delivered on what we had written off as never possible. We have been in our home for two weeks and can’t believe it’s ours. We will never forget Johnny and his hard work getting us over the line….

Johnny Ang

New Home - N Furlong, Auckland

Lynne made the process of refinancing our home loan very easy and straightforward. She was always very easy to get hold of and constantly kept us up to date with the progress of our application. Would definitely use her again and recommend her to others.

Lynne Dent

Refinance - A Kennett, Kaiapoi

Lynne was fantastic to work with, totally honest all the way through and she really understood the way my pay worked (as I am self-employed). I felt that she was totally in my corner all the way through.

Lynne Dent

Refinance - J Denham, Christchurch

Laura was awesome to deal with. She made everything so simple and extremely stress free

Laura Cates

Debt Consolidation - R Farrell, Northland

Awesome work both times we have worked with Sam.

Samuel Eva

Refinance - J Stockley, Auckland

Made things so much easier and explained each step and processes and each to talk to well end result we are in our house!! Happy happy!!

Wayne Holden

Purchase of New Home - Palmerston North

Would not have asked for anything better but to get an experienced broker at my very doorstep. I applaud your care & support and irrespective of the results of all this, you have really gone above & beyond.

Lynne Dent

Purchase of New Home

Laura was so amazing and understanding. Really helpful especially as all the work was done during level 4 lock down. I can’t recommend the service and experience highly enough.

Laura Cates

New Purchase

Lynne did a brilliant job organising us into our first/down sizing home. We didn’t think we had things quite in place but non the less when a place popped up we were really interested in she was able to work her magic and we have now been in our own home for a couple of months.She was so knowledge…

Lynne Dent

Purchase of New Home

Lynne has been fantastic at helping us achieve our dream of buying our first home. Her advice and guidance was so thorough. Would highly recommend her.

Lynne Dent

Purchase of New Home

Brett made it a streamlined process. We valued his expertise and guidance through the whole process.

Brett Davies

Purchase of New Home

Why Choose Us?

Because when it comes to your first home, you deserve the very best…

 Stress-free process

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 Expert advisers

We’re highly experienced and trained to help you through the mortgage approval process

Friendly service

We’re here for you and we genuinely care about helping make your dream a reality

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