Already a mortgage broker? Here's how to join the Mortgage Lab

Licensing, audits, compliance, website design, social media… Let us take all that off your hands

If you have never worked in the mortgage industry before, click here to go to our new-adviser information page.

Why The Mortgage Lab?

Our culture is focussed on adviser co-operation.  Our Advisers help each other with the tough deals and we pool our knowledge so you can get more deals across the line.  You’ve always got someone to talk to, no matter how tough the finance deal is.

Who are we looking for?

If you’ve previously been working for the banks or are currently an adviser, we want to chat to you.  We’re looking for advisers who give top-quality service to their clients, and just want to get on with what they’re good at – giving advice.

When it comes down to it, we are looking for Advisers with an optimistic view on life and a drive to succeed.  We only take Advisers who make their clients feel completely at ease.  We want Advisers with a high amount of integrity that clients can trust from the very beginning.

Get the support you need

The hardest thing about business is getting the support you need.  All Advisers have access to:

  • a Learning and Development Manager for regular training and to workshop difficult deals with
  • a messaging forum to ask any of our nationwide advisers the latest policies (also used for sending memes)
  • a gigantic online knowledgebase with everything from scripts to talk to Real Estate Agents through to policy documents from the banks.  It’s all at your fingertips on desktop or mobile
  • regular meetings with our business mentor to help through any networking/energy hurdles
  • a 24-part sales course for honing your ability to close deals

All of these are included in your commission split along with the usual:

  • Licensing fees
  • FSP fees
  • Dispute Resolution Service fees
  • Aggregator, CRM and compliance fees
  • Professional Indemnity Cover
    • Let’s face it, how long did you spend last year looking for decent PI Cover?  You could have been out earning more money instead of searching for reasonably priced insurance.

Stop researching compliance and regulations

Mortgage Lab has the professionals and processes ready-made so you know you’re on the right track without the need for days of research.  We’ll train you on the important stuff and you can spend your time getting more business.

Stop writing monthly newsletters

Newsletters can take up hours of your month.  Valuable time that could be spent engaging one-on-one with your best clients.  We take all of that off your hands every month with our newsletters written by our in-house content producer.

Stop trying to rank on Google

Getting website traffic from Google costs hundreds of thousands of dollars (trust us, we know!).  By being a part of the Mortgage Lab, you’re ranked highly and your name is out there automatically.

Did we mention we also automatically collect your testimonials, publish them so they rank on Google and remind you to send a gift to your clients?  Just look at what comes up if you search “Auckland Mortgage Brokers”.  Get those pesky ads out the way and we’re sitting on top of the search – testimonials included.

What do we offer?

Fair Commission Split

We work on a 70/30 commission split basis. We think this is the fairest way to pay our Advisers.  Income reflects how hard you work and we are encouraged to help you build your business quickly.

Total Transparency

There is a pre-agreed price for your trail commission if you ever leave the industry or move to another company.  This means you always know the exact value of your asset.

Additionally, every single adviser is on the same contract.  No background deals.  No silent perks.  If one adviser gets a benefit, all advisers get the benefit. We can tell you, unfortunately, that this is not the industry norm.

This means your time is spent doing what you do best – going out and connecting with people.  You won’t need to organise any websites, personalise a CRM or design your forms.  We’ve done it all for you.

We celebrate your success

After you’ve successfully helped your client, we automatically organise a satisfaction survey and ask for referrals and testimonials.  If the client is generous enough to give a testimonial, we celebrate by releasing it (anonymously) on our social media platforms and publishing it on our website.  Lots of testimonials leads to higher Google rankings, which leads to more business!

A brand you can trust

We work hard on our branding to reach more clients than smaller businesses can possibly achieve.  Tens of thousands of views on our website each month* mean more opportunities to connect and help clients.

When you join the Mortgage Lab, you won’t need to spend months coming up with an expensive brand.  We do everything for you.  From Business Cards to Notepads, DL Brochures to first-meeting folders, right through to Testimonials and Vehicle Signage.  You’re ready to go, straight away.

*October 2021 page views = 27,665

Social Media – taken care of

Time you spend on marketing is time you’re not looking after clients.  We look after all your Social Media accounts.  We release SEO-rated blogs, as well as crowd friendly articles and pictures for your network to interact with.  Posts are done daily so that your followers know you’re active and looking for work.  We can post to FaceBook (business pages), Instagram and Twitter.

Tell me more about the additional benefits

Learning and Development Manager

Our Learning and Development Manager is here to help you with your complex deals.  Sure, you can rely on Facebook Group Posts to get some advice, or you can call Brett Davies directly to workshop the deal.  Brett will also help you learn our systems and processes so you’re making full use of all the benefits Mortgage Lab has to offer.

In-house Messaging System (Slack)

With Slack, you’ve got access to the pooled knowledge of all the advisers.  Don’t know who’s offering >80% to new-to-bank clients today? Flick a quick message on Slack.  Or maybe you just want to see what the turnaround times at one of the banks is.

Slack is available on your desktop and your phone so you can flick a quick question out no matter where you are.

Our Giant Knowledgebase

Our knowledgebase – called Guru – houses all the information on practically any topic you could dream of including but, obviously not limited to:

  • all contact information and latest forms for all lenders including training session videos we have run
  • scripts for networking sessions (60 second talks, 10 minute talks) including presentation templates
  • a fully searchable 150+ page Adviser manual on ideas for how to market yourself
  • our private policy comparison database called PoliSense which compares all policies of the main banks in one sheet

Guru is available on your desktop, as a Chrome widget (perfect for pulling up the right information on any webpage) and on your phone.  You’ve got access to the entire companies knowledge anywhere you go.

Business Mentor Meetings

Being self-employed can be tough so we bring Bev Giles from Time to Shine in to help you with your business headspace.  You can meet with Bev one-on-one or in a group of advisers with a similar level of experience.  Attendance isn’t mandatory – we’re all adults here – but she’s always here to help.

Sales Course

Even if you’re a seasoned professional, it’s good to refresh your sales skills.  We license a 24 part sales course called “Sales Alchemy” specifically written for Mortgage Lab.  Videos are available for anyone to watch at any time.

Adviser Insurance Scheme

All Mortgage Lab advisers are protected by a Life and Trauma group insurance scheme at no additional cost.  If the worst should happen, claims are used to either instantly buy out the adviser’s trail commission or hire a locum to look after the adviser’s customers while they get better.

Being a group scheme, the cover does not require underwriting so any previous health issues are not a problem.  The cover can also be taken with the adviser if they ever leave Mortgage Lab.

Exit plans

Clause 12 of our Adviser Contract clearly lays out how much the trail commission is.  No haggling with a company when you’re trying to leave – you’ll always know what your exit plan is.

Interested in joining the Mortgage Lab?

We know you’ll have questions and concerns.  Changing businesses can be very stressful, particularly if you have built that brand yourself.  But things are changing in the market.  Compliance is getting increasingly complicated and keeping up-to-date with policies is harder and harder.

Get in touch with us to see if our business model is going to work for you.  It may not, but there’s no harm in a phone call.

For advisers who are already in the industry, it is better to contact Rupert Gough – CEO of the Mortgage Lab – directly.

Celebrate your success together

Please enjoy the video from our 2021 conference in Christchurch.  We’ve got some big plans for our next conference and we hope you’ll be there to join us.

Contact us to learn more

To find out more about becoming an Adviser with The Mortgage Lab, email Rupert Gough on: rupertg@mortgagelab.co.nz