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Better budget - all about your heat pump

Better Budget – All about your heat pump

Heat pumps are great.  They are efficient and quick to work.  In fact, Energywise says that a heat pump is the most energy efficient way of using electricity to heat your. Read more…

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The worst financial decision you can make

Saving is a long, slow process. That’s why so many of us are so bad at it. You could put $20 aside every week and after a year, you’ll have. Read more…

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Credit Card, Bad debt

How much does a Credit Card affect your lending?

Kiwis like Credit Cards… a lot.  If you’ve got 10 minutes, you could get one online right now (don’t).  And the price for easily-acquired, unsecured debt is usually ~20% p.a.. Read more…

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How Do I Calculate Yield?

When you’re looking for an investment property, you are often either looking for capital growth or yield (ideally a positive cash return).  There’s a quick and easy trick that we,. Read more…

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Better budget - the spindel laundry dryer

Better Budget – The Spindel Laundry Dryer

At least once a month, we try to bring you an unusual outside-the-box method to save money.  Recently we’ve introduced you to Pocketsmith.com and shown you how cleaning your heat. Read more…

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If you quit smoking, how fast could you pay down your mortgage?

Smoking is a difficult habit to quit.  There are many services that can help you, the most commonly known is Quitline, and each person will quit for different reasons.  For. Read more…

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Couples should use different banks

Couples Should Use Different Banks

In recent years, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand has implemented a host of rules on the banks, particularly around mortgages.  These rules have several purposes. Some of them, like. Read more…

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Bad debt

What is bad debt?

You may have heard the term “bad debt”. But what is it? Is all debt bad? Can bad debt become good debt? Order your bad debts In “The Successful First. Read more…

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Your mortgage rate is 8%

Repeat after me.“The interest rate I pay on my mortgage is 8%…”“The interest rate I pay on my mortgage is 8%…” No it’s not You’re right, it probably isn’t.  If. Read more…

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Pocket money into KiwiSaver

Pocket money into KiwiSaver

Could parents use KiwiSaver as a method for rewarding children in the form of pocket money?  Read on to see how one of our clients is not only successfully doing. Read more…

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