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How does getting a flatmate help with your mortgage?

Flatmates and Your Mortgage

So you’re looking to purchase. Could a flatmate help you purchase a more expensive house? Will a bank take that extra income into account? How much interest will flatmate income. Read more…

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3 Things You Can Do To Get Ready For Your Mortgage

3 things you can do to get ready for your mortgage (no matter when you’re buying)

Order your Credit Report It’s free to order your own Credit Report and is a great insight into what the bank will know about you. See what loans are recorded. Read more…

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Preparing For Your Mortgage – Documentation

Getting a mortgage can be stressful and a lot of that stress is caused by waiting for the bank to make their offer. You can significantly reduce wait time by. Read more…

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The bank said no because of my income

It happens to almost everyone eventually.  You walk into the bank, ask for an amount of money, either to buy a car, house or business and the bank declines you. . Read more…

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Your mortgage rate is 8%

Repeat after me.“The interest rate I pay on my mortgage is 8%…”“The interest rate I pay on my mortgage is 8%…” No it’s not You’re right, it probably isn’t.  If. Read more…

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