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It began with one man with a vision…

The Mortgage Lab story began in 2016 as Rupert Gough was commuting between Wellington and Auckland.

As Rupert travelled between the cities and spoke to local mortgage brokers, he realised they almost all had the same issue.

The problem with banks

Banks must continually alter the type of risk they are happy to accept.  This means that one week a client will be approved for a mortgage, the next week the same application could be declined.  It is a constant struggle for small mortgage broker companies to keep up with this flood of information.

Mortgage Lab is born

So, in early 2017, on his honeymoon and off the coast of Cuba, Rupert decided that there had to be a better way.  A way that a group of mortgage brokers could make use of the latest in technology and communications to easily keep up to date with the latest policies.  A way that would mean mortgage brokers wouldn’t work alone in their silo but together so that clients could end up in the best financial position possible.

On 1st March 2017, the Mortgage Lab opened in Takapuna, Auckland and in just a few short years has grown to a nationwide company.  Inspired by the blue and yellow of Auckland and Wellington, Mortgage Lab represents a friendly place for clients to come and purchase property or improve their current mortgage situations.  Brokers can easily access the latest information on our in-house communications channels and can workshop a client’s deal with anyone else in the company.

Why a “Lab”?

You may have heard that getting a mortgage is part-art / part-science.  However, in all honesty, it’s mostly science.  Our job as advisers is to know all the policies of all the lenders and apply those to your particular situation.  The art then comes in finding the best mortgage structure for you.

We want to reflect this mortgage analysis in our company.  It’s about constantly finding what’s best and offering it to our clients.

Our plans are for the future

We’re coming to a town or city near you.  We’re here for our clients through global pandemics and economic recessions.  If we’re not in your city yet, we have the full capability to help you remotely.  We can’t wait to go on your mortgage journey with you.

Perhaps you’d like to join us as a mortgage broker?

We offer:

  • Flexible Hours – you can work when and where you want too
  • Weekly sit down with a professional Business Mentor
  • Continued Professional Development training
  • Fully-Paperless System – with daily backed up servers
  • And a lot more…

Find out more by visiting our Mortgage Career Page here

Can you get KiwiSaver help?

When you are buying your first home, one of the first things to confirm is whether you have access to KiwiSaver and/or the First Home Grant. We have a range of articles spelling out everything you need to know about these options. The use of your KiwiSaver increases your deposit, which can make borrowing significantly easier and cheaper.

Don’t forget: for all questions, you can always contact your local mortgage broker directly. It only takes 2 minutes to call the adviser and you will have an answer immediately.

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Because when it comes to your first home, you deserve the very best…

 Stress-free process

We act quickly to reduce the hassle and hold-ups of the financial approval process

 Expert advisers

We’re highly experienced and trained to help you through the mortgage approval process

Friendly service

We’re here for you and we genuinely care about helping make your dream a reality

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