Charities supported by the Mortgage Lab

Our latest fundraising initiative is the Mortgage Lab’s Run 2000.

Join Rupert Gough – The Mortgage Lab’s CEO – as he runs a total of 2000 kilometres through 2018.  Live the pain as Rupert, who has never run more than 5kms must complete an average of 5.5kms everyday throughout 2018 to raise funds for the I Have A Dream Charitable Trust.

To donate, follow the information on the right or go to the Fundly page here.  All proceeds go to the Charity.

OUR MISSION is to inspire and enable children at low-decile schools to reach their full potential.

We do this by providing LONG TERM SUPPORT to each student, walking with them from when they enter primary school to tertiary study and beyond.

OUR NAVIGATORS follow each year-level of children from early primary, through secondary and into tertiary education or employment providing mentoring, academic oversight, advocacy and support.

WE BUILD PARTNERSHIPS between schools, families and the community to ensure every child has the resources and networks they need to succeed.

FROM AN EARLY AGE, we instil values of higher education, career opportunities and life success.


The NZBS is committed to maintaining a system of blood collection based on the principle of voluntary, unpaid blood donation. This is recognised as the first, and one of the most important mechanisms by which the safety of the blood supply is assured.