App of the month – Sun Seeker

Date Published: 13 July 2023

This month’s app that we love is called Sun Seeker.  It is immensely useful and a very simple concept.

With the world just waking up to Augmented Reality, this app is well ahead of the game. I’ve had this app on my phone since the iPhone 3G (yes, that long) and it has always worked very well.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that adds digital content to the real world. It blends computer-generated images, videos, and other information with what we see in our surroundings. In the best use cases, it lets us interact with virtual objects as if they were actually there.

What do you use Sun Seeker for?

Sun Seekers has several applications but the one I use most is the camera vision that shows the paths of the sun through your screen. Hold it up and the view in front of you has an overlay of the sun’s path.

Here’s a screenshot from the view through a west facing window in the afternoon.

From this, I can see that we’re going to get almost no direct sunlight in Winter (the blue line). But we are going to get direct sunlight tonight around 7pm (yellow line) and summer is going to have sunlight pouring in from just after 6pm. Earlier, if some branches are removed from that tree.

You can see how useful this app would be at Open Homes. What kind of sunlight is coming into the living room in winter? Is the neighbour’s house blocking your light or does it just look like they might?

The other useful feature is a general overview of where the sun will hit the house as you can see here:

How much does Sun Seeker cost?

Sun Seeker isn’t a free app. In fact, it’s comparatively expensive at around $19.99. But it is an enormously useful app if you are going to Open Homes every weekend.

The developers also have Moon Seeker and Wind Seeker. Not as useful for purchasing a property but fun nevertheless!

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